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TITAN: Inspiring the Next Generation of Manufacturers

“Everyday when I come into class, my students want to talk about Titan. I think its great that our industry has a leader that makes manufacturing cool again.”

Cleveland, OH
CNC Instructor


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I just delivered a keynote at the National HTEC Conference for CNC / Industrial Teachers in Maine USA... Just was forwarded this cool article... Check it out!

Ex-con TV host keynotes CMCC precision machine conference

By Kathryn Skelton, Staff Writer
Published on Tuesday, Jul 19, 2016 at 6:06 pm | Last updated on Wednesday, Jul 20, 2016 at 10:10 am

AUBURN — After a rough start and years in federal prison, Titan Gilroy took an entry-level job at a machine shop and learned the trade — then built his own company.

With a few smart moves, it took off like a shot.

"I went from $1 million (the first year) to $1 million a month for the next 24 months — 55 employees, 20 Haas (high-tech) machines," Gilroy said.

Then came a call in 2009 from the customer who'd driven so much of that growth.

"He said, 'Today's going to be a bad day.' In an entire day, $4 million (worth of orders) on my floor, canceled," he said.

Gilroy is building his California company back up again and he's gone back to prison — but this time, he'll be teaching others on his own TV show.

The star of "Titan: American Built" opened a four-day conference for 200-plus machine shop teachers on Tuesday at Central Maine Community College.

The annual Americas CNC Educators HTEC Conference rotates host sites around North America every year. CNC stands for computer numeric control; HTEC for the Haas Technical Education Center.

More than 1,800 schools in North and South America, from high schools to colleges, use the company's equipment in the classroom, according to Bob Skodzinsky, manager of the HTEC Network at Haas Automation.

The conference connects teachers with each other and the latest trends in digital manufacturing. CMCC was picked to host, in part, because of the strength and size of its precision machine program.

"Most of our students have jobs at the end of their first semester on campus," said Diane Dostie, the conference organizer and CMCC's dean of corporate and community services. "We do a lot of training for our regional manufacturers who need to upgrade the skill sets of their workforce and we're seeing an increased demand for that internal training."

Gilroy, dressed in a black T-shirt with "Fight for America" across the back, detailed his own challenges and enduring optimism. In 2009, when the recession hit and he got that call, he'd had to lay off 40 employees.

"I got on my knees so many times, (asking,) 'Please save my company,'" Gilroy said. "I just got down to the absolute bottom."

Even in the crashing economy, he noticed the aerospace industry going strong. So Gilroy sent a letter every week for six months to the head of an aerospace company, asking to talk.

It worked. He got in, and it helped save the company.

"I'm making parts right now for a spacecraft that's going to Mars," Gilroy said. "I'm making parts for another company that's shooting tourists up into space. They're like, 'Do you want to go?' I'm like, 'No.'"

For the third season of his reality TV show, which airs in November on MAVTV, Gilroy said he's gone into San Quentin State Prison and set up a precision machine shop for inmates.

"In this show, I'm going to teach hardened guys who have no hope how to make amazing parts and use that as an example for teachers all over the world to follow," Gilroy said.

His end goal: "We're going to get them jobs on the outside," he said. "We're going to follow them and show that it's real, show that it can happen."

Manufacturing is hard, he said, but "we're making precision parts for every industry on the planet and it's a good-paying job, year-round," Gilroy said. "It's an exciting time because the technology has never been this good. Machines have never been this good."

His shop in Rockland, Calif., is back up to 30 people.

"There's just something cool about working with metal," he said.

Someone in the audience at Kirk Hall voiced their agreement.

Fred Donovan, who's taught precision machine tooling at CMCC for 32 years, called Gilroy's keynote "very inspiring."

"The fact that he came out of the prison system and then went back to give these people hope is awesome," he said.

Titan Gilroy, second from left, talks with precision machine teachers Tuesday after his keynote at Central Maine Community College in Auburn. Gilroy, star of the reality TV show "Titan: American Built," got a job in a machine tool shop after spending time in federal prison and built his California company from scratch. In season three of his show, he's gone back to prison to set up a high-tech machine shop and teach inmates at San Quentin State Prison in California.

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- Kathryn Skelton/Sun Journal
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11 hours ago

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Edward SaundersWonder if you met Tommy my instructor1   ·  3 hours ago

Scott BradeyBest moment was when the comment about hauling all the old manual machines out an replace with CNC.. Loved Titans pause an looked around knowing he was gonna step in it...There is a battle of old tool an die guys not wanting to let go of old technology.. but we got to..3   ·  6 hours ago

Dan BurtonI have my degree from CMCC and it has grown so much since I've was there 8 years ago. Love this.1   ·  6 hours ago

Marc LapointeNice job Titan, I'm pissed I didn't get to meet you. Would have loved to throw the axes at Lie Nielsen as well.1   ·  8 hours ago

Aaron PriceThe HTEC program is awesome. Gives the students a real world feel on how a shop works. I have some small parts made at a HTEC college and the quality is 2nd to none!5   ·  9 hours ago

Scott BradeyHad an awesome time.3   ·  10 hours ago

Jim PaulkThank you for your example. 🇺🇸👏🏼👍🏻🙏1   ·  6 hours ago

James PorterThis is fantastic stuff1   ·  9 hours ago

Michael ValdezBoom!1   ·  8 hours ago

Daniel CoffinI was there. Titan gave a great speech and shared some if his personal stories. Pleasure to met you TITAN Gilroy!!59 minutes ago

Wayne NosalaCutting through some 17-4 H1150 late night, Never a dull moment here :)2 hours ago

Kent SandhagenBrilliant2 hours ago

Jeff JC ClawsonSlick talkin fast cuttin son of a gun !3 hours ago

Robert HearrellMake America great again! Now the work has begun. Thats just kick azz American get it done attitude right their! Thanks from Wyoming!2 hours ago

Norman ParksRichard Bolding1   ·  5 hours ago

Alan BrakefieldWhen Does "TITAN American" start airing on MAVTV Again .. Or Did it Get Cancelled ..9 hours ago

Norman ParksDevin Watson5 hours ago

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Titan will be speaking at the National HTEC Conference for CNC Educators next Tuesday (July 19th). The Training Conference will be held at Central Maine Community College.

Titan is making Machining Cool again for our Youth and is pumping passion back into our workforce. The Buzz is getting out to the top leaders in the country and people are taking notice.

Get ready for the Most Passionate and Real talk on American Manufacturing that you have ever heard...

CNC Machining Taking The Spot Light... BOOM!!!
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1 week ago

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TITAN - American BuiltI do it every day:-)3   ·  1 week ago

Thomas Oeter LamaI'm going to drive up from Rhode Island to hear his presentation I spent 10 years behind the wall next to no trades in there I came out and got very deep in to Harley's I now have my Owen shop I am not a machinist but I follow Titan he's very inspirational he speaks the truth this is exactly what America needs and truth be told if he was running for president Titan you got my vote5   ·  1 week ago

George SpringerIs this Titan that owns a machine shop in Northern CA? Keep up the good work. My cousin's son is studying mechanical engineering here in the SouthEast and I am going to give him some exposure to the machining world. Many young people are just not aware of the tremendous opportunities in machining and manufacturing, and one can make a very give living at this trade. Contrary to popular opinion, and yes we have given much away, we all know about NAFTA, but the US is still the largest manufacturer in the world. We produce 20% of the goods and services in the world. This is one of the things that made this country great. Blacksmith shops, the first machine shops!1   ·  7 days ago

Bill BurrisI have been in the industry for 22+ years and your story rejuvenates my passion for machining. I recently started my own shop and have a love for CNC machining. Can anyone come to your conference? @TITAN - American Built2   ·  1 week ago

Mateo VanegasI went to platt tech for highschool. I started with Manuel machines when I was 14, Stayed on manuals until I was a sophomore then my junior and senior year it was all CNC machining and learning how program machines. I even won 3rd place in skills USA for CNC turning/programming. Machining changed my life. The trade taught me you could make anything and everything with a piece of metal stock or plastic stock and a machine tool. The trade has to come back. There's tons of young people getting out of technical high schools and college looking for jobs in the trade but the trade just isn't there anymore. We need it back ! Machine tool is making a boom once again.5   ·  1 week ago

Johann MalsyHey I love your show I'm a cnc machinist down in Simi Valley California I lost my job back in April but now I finally gotten a job in a shop with all Haas mills and lathe I love it but they don't use Autodesk 3602   ·  1 week ago

Juan MorenoI want to hear you speak Titan! I wish I could be there in person. You are like the last American Manufacturing Hero! I wish you Godspeed.2   ·  1 week ago

Danny FalkLooking for a cad training program in northern Illinois. I am a mold maker and want to get into designing, do you have any suggestions on this subject it's very tough to find a program or classes I have graduated the 3yr apprentice program at Tma and they are working on a class but I need it sooner than later thanks for your help!!1   ·  1 week ago

Gregory Wunderful CarmackI can't make this. I need some new stuff to put on the walls of my classroom. How about a signed poster?2   ·  1 week ago

Steve ManoniThanks for making manufacturing mainstream again your passion inspires me. I've been in the trade for 20 years now & have been incorporating some of the HSM techniques you use on your show. Keep up the good work .1   ·  1 week ago

Matt WhiteWhy don't you guys use Mastercam2017? American made software. Powerful. Dynamic. Boom!1   ·  1 week ago

Michael LindseyWhy would he use that picture? I'm fixated on it.1   ·  1 week ago

Roger William HayesWhen you coming to North Carolina..4   ·  1 week ago

Brian HartleyYou ever coming to Seattle?1   ·  1 week ago

Ron Sibravapossible Chicago visit sir??3   ·  1 week ago

Gene CalhounLike to hear and see this about manufacturing . I worked for a company in 1990 I was there for 16 years they closed the doors in 2006 laid off everyone 260 employees !moved to China said we couldn't compete ! I like this Titan , we need to bring manufacturing back to America an inspire our youth!!7   ·  1 week ago

Ben DockstaderI just got into CNC machining a few months ago, its a little different than what you do, we build stone counter tops. However, we still use American made machines for the American worker making parts for the American homeowner. Weird thing i saw your show for the first time about a week after first starting to learn about CNC machines. Keep inspiring people to learn this technology and bring American manufacturing back!3   ·  1 week ago

Pedro Cisneroswe need to get it back into public schools. i fell into this trade by accident, but the guy i apprenticed under started in his highschool and had work waiting for him once he graduated.1   ·  1 week ago

Daniel TrimnalYes Titan plz continue to come on strong your passion inspires!!! I just wish I lived on the west coast so I could work for your company 👊👊✊🤘🤘1   ·  1 week ago

Brian CummingsTitan - looking forward to meeting you at HTEC. Thanks for what you do!1   ·  1 week ago


Joe Tomickimost important is a very experanced guy run the never run programs knows what to liisten for and keep amp loads right and not overloaded1   ·  1 week ago

Alan ChaseNothing like a castanza Jack Danial sausage & a cold Yingling after an awesome week running 3 CNC Machines love my mills2   ·  1 week ago

Jeremy BlalockLove this. CNC machining has really lost alot of weight here in the south.1   ·  1 week ago

Jeckokz JezreelI wish i could study machining.1   ·  1 week ago

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Today Only - Anyone can buy the CAD/CAM software that TITAN uses for $25 (1 Year) - An Exclusive Amazon Prime Day Deal.

Hello my name is Titan Gilroy and I run my own Aerospace job shop... I also created this TV series to promote American Manufacturing and Job Growth... I am excited today because Autodesk has stepped up to allow anyone access to the very software that allows me and my team to Create, Program and CNC Machine simple to Very Complicated parts. Parts for the Sub-Sea Industry, Aerospace Industry and Everything in Between.

Click on the link below to get Advanced 3 Axis CAD/CAM for $25. Trust me, this software is amazing and everyone should give it a try. You don't need a huge expensive computer and it also runs on tablets and phones. If you don't have Prime... then just do a Trial and you can still get the special price.

My reputation is everything to me and you have never seen me try to sell anything except vision and inspiration. This Tool is what inspires me every day... Check out the following link to get this amazing deal.

Thank you and please share this with your friends.

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TITAN - American BuiltIt's 5:40 AM Pacific and I am driving into San Quentin Prison to work on the CNC Machining Facility I am building...I will pop back on here later today around 3pm and answer any questions that have come up... I deal with a lot of you machinist and students... A lot of companies who have not stepped up to 3D Modeling and Programming... A lot of companies who are falling behind the times... I saw this and just wanted to get behind it... $25 bucks is insane and it's free to students who don't make money with it. Lots of YouTube training videos and I will be putting up a huge amount of training videos in the next year to teach my style of machining... From the basics to advanced Aerospace stuff... Have a great day:-) Titan50   ·  2 weeks ago

TITAN - American BuiltDownload INFO: Here is a response from someone else. He is already programming and dropping code 60 min later. Heads up! Here's the link to download   ·  2 weeks ago

Aaron PowterI totally agree with everything you stated here Titan Ty Gilroy. I personally have AutoDesk to thank for supplying high end CAD-CAM such as Fusion360 to me, my students and our college "for free". Imagine my surprise over here in Australia when we purchased 2 brand new HAAS machines only to be quoted $24K AUD by another software company for their CAD-CAM to run our machines. I met the AutoDesk team and they said "no problem" our software is free to education. Thank you Carl Bass, Thank you AutoDesk Au and thanks to our resellers CADPRO in NZ5   ·  2 weeks ago

Mike MorningstarCan you actually create solids in this software or is it just cam capable?1   ·  2 weeks ago

Ryan Alvarezi already have surfcam almost 2 grand a year . do you still think it is worth checking out.1   ·  2 weeks ago

Jeremy HessThx for the heads up my trial was done and gone long ago. I am purchasing as soon as I get in the office in a few hours... Watch auto desk will make a volume killing on this and see that they should have rolled this way the hole time! I'm am still on the fence though about them switching to subscriptions though...1   ·  2 weeks ago

Matt SeLegueI'm a graphic designer never used a CNC machine but I would love to learn this looks fun2   ·  2 weeks ago

Jason BurstonStuart Duncan Note: Currently, this item is available only to customers located in the United States3   ·  2 weeks ago

Adam PiccolaDoes anyone know if it will output programs to a heidenhein controller for milling?1   ·  2 weeks ago

Brad BlazerFusion 360 is a free subscription with free renewal for enthusiasts, startups, and students.3   ·  2 weeks ago

Troy McConaugheyWell that sucks! Just purchased from Amazon and Fusion360 is not showing up in products I purchased. Now I got to spend an hour figuring out WTF happened. This is why I left AutoCAD 25 years ago :(2 weeks ago

Pedro Cisnerosis this easy to learn, even if you dont have previous cam software experience?1   ·  2 weeks ago

Dave FontsI'm currently at Sierra College in Rocklin CA and getting my degree in CAD. Would like to buy this if it is a program that I can utilize as a new CAD user. Titan , is your shop in Nor-Cal also? Does your shop give tours for students entering your industry? If so how would I get signed up? Thanks for your time1   ·  2 weeks ago

Todd WagnonOh ok,it's a student version,that won't post it into g codes,so you could actually use it at work! That makes sense! People disregard and keep on using your hacked version of your favorite version of software! Just kidding,but we all know it happens!2 weeks ago

Jeston SheldonBought it and Amazon won't let me download it. Been in the phone with support for 30 mins they have no idea.2 weeks ago

Aaron BrooksDoes it have built in options for machine type for code post? Or how does it work to have a post built?1   ·  2 weeks ago

Dale MoweryTitan I have a question for you regarding Autodesk Fusion 360 will it do 3D undercutting like cutting a tootsie pop with a 1" x .250 full radius keyway Cutter we are looking for a Good cam software but don't want to spend 25K on Mastercam please let me know2 weeks ago

David HempyIs this the same version of Fusion 360 that is free for most people?1   ·  2 weeks ago

Bob FiskeWhat is the cost after the free trial expires2   ·  2 weeks ago

Keino MukDo you have to have a Amazon Prime membership?1   ·  2 weeks ago

Johnny Thunderfist BolgerWhat's your YouTube channel name?1   ·  1 week ago

Leo StefflSo I bought it. How do I install it?1   ·  2 weeks ago

Eric MostollerWill it post in fanuc?2   ·  2 weeks ago

Michael MuschiattiWill it work on Windows 10?1   ·  2 weeks ago

RJ RadachyBrian Longbons is this worth it? How hard is it to use?2 weeks ago

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Prison to CNC Programmer
Prison to CNC Programmer

I was humbled by all the comments I got from last weeks video "The American Worker Has Been Sold Out"... I got a ton of letters from Machine Shop owners who identified with my Pain... I also had the younger generation asking me how I got into manufacturing? Figured, I would get Raw and Real again and tell that story... Then the plan is to do a few more where I talk about building my company and finally... What we need to do as American Manufacturers in the this day and age to not only stay in business but to Thrive...

This is not about me it is about all of US and our right to make products in America by doing it Faster, Better and Cheaper than the competition.

Please "Like" this page and spread the word. Also subscribe to my YouTube and Instagram accounts.
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3 weeks ago

Video screenshot

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Clark MacGirrMr.Titan I'm a 30 year machinist,I really needed to here this.It has been rough here in Michigan, but I have been working all the way through the tough times.I feel the best thing we can do is to reach out to young kids,7th and 8th graders and show them how cool this is and how to make a living doing this!I machine the parts for building Cherry tree shakers,very cool.8   ·  3 weeks ago

Bill GtrdoneInspiring video sir . Been in the trade 25 years started my own business 1 year ago . Manual machines to this point . Making and designing 1 off pieces . Doing this on the side . I have a great full time job making excellent money , pension benefits for my family . The next step in my career is going on my own full time . That is a very difficult decision because my family relies on my job . This video makes me believe in myself to keep going . Great story .1   ·  3 weeks ago

Chris JordanUnfortunately on the job training doesn't come like it used too... Companies are about the bottom dollar and can't afford to spend money to train. Fortunately for me my father got me into the trade out of high school in 2003. Now the opportunities are endless. Trying incredibly hard to get MasterCam catia or just some kind of offline programming experience. It's tough without schooling these days. Love the video my brother!!!2   ·  3 weeks ago

Ricky DubuissonThis is a dying art. The workforce out there hasn't the ability to focus on the perfection required to run a successful machine shop. When we are gone getting things made will be a lot harder.1   ·  3 weeks ago

Robert ButlerI'm game to open a location, with your funds😒1   ·  3 weeks ago

Jacob BennettPlease put your tv episodes on YouTube.1   ·  3 weeks ago

Gisela GutieNice video titan1   ·  3 weeks ago

Justin CarrBuilt my own CNC machine and I'm learning all I can about different materials and not just producing machined parts. You can use a CNC for so much more. Different types of production and mold making. I love watching your series and would love to get the chance to work on larger machines and maybe someday with you! You inspire me to take my production to new levels and to really think about the methods involved. Keep it up sir!1   ·  3 weeks ago

Randy FettermanI fell in love with CNC machining when I was 6 years old. My dad was a shop foreman at a company here in Texas. I remember going with my mom to give him lunch and he wanted to show me what he had made me. Being the excited 6 year old, I jumped out the car and ran into the shop. He showed me his machine and how it works, in the process cut me a dog tag with my name and birthday scribed into it. I thought it was the coolest thing ever. While in high school, I got to shadow a person in the career field I wanted to go into. Everyone else picking was picking doctors, lawyers, nurses etc. i chose to be with my dad. The day I turned 18, my dad called me up and asked if I wanted a "real" job; being I was working at a Wendy's at the time. I started machining on Saturdays and Sunday's while I was still in high school getting my skill set in place. Now, I run my department and write all programs needed. I don't make a lot of money (not anywhere near what other programmers make) but that doesn't matter when I I'm doing what I love!3   ·  3 weeks ago

Jackson SullinsI see this every time we get a first article in from China. We can blow them out of the Water in Quality and time but our company can get a finished part for less than the cost of the bar stock. I dont know what we are going to do when they get their metallurgy and quality down. America needs to get together and quit worrying about past and political issues. We all need to worry about putting food on the table and showing the rest of the world we can provide a superior product no matter what the cost.2   ·  3 weeks ago

Brian HusseyWhat an awesome story; so proud of what you've accomplished. I wish you great success. I myself have been in the aerospace industry as a cnc programmer for 38 years and every day is a day of challenges and a day of learning. I wish a lot more manufacturing would come back to the U.S3   ·  3 weeks ago

Bud LivesayGreat video... I'm a great setup guy on Swiss lathes...I thought the same way as you... trying to be the best I could be and loving it...we are a dying breed4   ·  3 weeks ago

Michael McclainGreat life story I always liked CNC machinery and I finally got a chance to work with them and it is amazing. I hope to one day teach my son's the trade I love your story and you are right USA is by far the leader in quality. It's gonna come a time when the world will take notice.1   ·  3 weeks ago

Rich DodeleTitan keep up all the hard work. I am please to report we still have 20 machines and have been making machined components in our shops for 40 years . I have trained 4 generations of machinist in my 31 years at GCX and currently have a few more in the local CTMAA. Keep passing the word along Rich Dodele GCX3   ·  3 weeks ago

Robert ThompsonTitan my friend, you are the guy who can get these younger kids interested in this wonderful trade and passion we share! Take your story to middle schools, get them interested before they get distracted as teenagers. It pains me to think how things are going to be made in this country in years to come when I'm 44 and still the young guy in the shop.3   ·  3 weeks ago

Casey Robichaux20 yr CNC machinist, manufactured all blow out preventer components, we got bought out by NOV, less than a year later closed our 75 person facility shipped the machines and all equipment to Mexico . No transfers. Straight up told we have to go to where we can get cheaper labor. Cheaper ain't always better2   ·  3 weeks ago

Nathan AustinLove telling people run it till it breaks then back down 10. Seeing is believing. But make sure your setup is right or it will ruin your thinking.1   ·  3 weeks ago

Alexei EnriquezI wish i could afford a cnc machine,,,, that will be my dream come true2   ·  3 weeks ago

Jon FayYou need to come to our shop. We're well paid craftsmen. All afraid we're going to lose our jobs.1   ·  3 weeks ago

Vinh TranIm watching your video, you are right, if there is a change thus i would like to visit your workplace;)1   ·  3 weeks ago

Christopher HeppBlake Petersen this is the guy I was telling you about.2   ·  3 weeks ago

Shawn HawkinsThere's no excuse for any business taking jobs out of the u.s. no matter who you are1   ·  3 weeks ago

Wayne NosalaIm working though the holiday weekend to make ends meet, Your positive tude is inspiring man6   ·  3 weeks ago

Jeff WeaverGood video, my friend.1   ·  3 weeks ago

Dale TanglerI always appreciate your videos.....very inspiring!2   ·  3 weeks ago

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America's Youth - TITANS of the FUTURE

Sometimes Seeing is Believing and that's why I flew into Wisconsin... Drove over to Eleva Strum high school and put the CNC Machining students on a bus for a Road Trip. 3 hours later at Mercury Marine, I opened their eyes to the Huge World of American Manufacturing... Awesome CNC Pallet Cells, Robots, Massive Casting Furnaces and Much More --- YES... That's what we do, We Make Something From Nothing... BOOM!

Please "Subscribe" to our youtube page to see all TITAN Videos.
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3 weeks ago

Video screenshot

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Jake HassTitan Ty Gilroy I work at Journeyman Machine about 1 min away from Mercury ... Sweet also my wife works there....1   ·  3 weeks ago

Brandon MaguireDo you notice a big decline in kids wanting to become machinist? We are here in Maine. I am just 22 I am making sweet money and it amazes me at the amount of kids that don't want to do this. I mean I am programing right at my control I got full access to my programs. I build programs from a blank slate just using my head.( Not overly complex part s) and the company right now is thriving. We are scared that if we don't get enough we can't handle more work. Do you see the decrease in kids that want to be in manufacturing?1   ·  3 weeks ago

Jason SteinerI've noticed that most of the people I meet in a shop come from families with a manufacturing background. If you didn't grow up with a dad in the shop, you don't know it's even an option. I still have good memories of visiting the Steiner Turf plant. And it sticks. After years in software, I'm back to the family business of sheet metal. Doing aerospace parts, but the small tractor business is using technology just as advanced. Anyway, outside of family, nobody else is promoting manufacturing careers. Until now. Thanks! Making stuff rocks. Kids need to know.1   ·  3 weeks ago

Nick LopezUsed to live about 40 minutes south of mercury marine. Huge complex, and very very very hard to get an interview there1   ·  3 weeks ago

Casey KnowlesDon't forget about Mercury bailing on Stillwater Oklahoma and all those manufacturing jobs disappearing1   ·  2 weeks ago

Jiminy CricketWish we had something like that where I live there isn't much without driving 60 miles to work or moving1   ·  3 weeks ago

Patrick CarsoMissed inertia welding and lost foam aluminum pour.2   ·  3 weeks ago

Rueben JohnsonThat is exactly what the youth need.2   ·  3 weeks ago

Brian CummingsThat was an awesome episode!1   ·  3 weeks ago

John LudkaBoom that's how we do in Wisconsin1   ·  3 weeks ago

Mike KrassWow what a cool experience1   ·  3 weeks ago

Frank TanghareJosh1   ·  3 weeks ago

Sam OglesIt's absolutely awesome want you are doing3 weeks ago

Amy Westforth SchneiderLogan Bowman Schneider BOOM!! 💖3 weeks ago

Jaden ExnerNoah Breneman1   ·  3 weeks ago

Sam StehulaMaverick Klotz1   ·  3 weeks ago

Lee GordonAwesome work you guys!! What an outstanding video!!!3 weeks ago

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Educate Yourself About American Manufacturing

“Guys like Titan are helping to bring Made in America back, stronger than ever. His story is an inspiration to all of us that anyone, anywhere in this great nation can mount a comeback and make us all stronger for it.”

President of the Alliance for
American Manufacturing


Educate Yourself About American Manufacturing

“Guys like Titan are helping to bring Made in America back, stronger than ever. His story is an inspiration to all of us that anyone, anywhere in this great nation can mount a comeback and make us all stronger for it.”

President of the Alliance for
American Manufacturing



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